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Preen.ph is an online platform created with the modern woman in mind. It covers and features topics that revolve around her life, which means it’s not just about fashion and beauty. As women age, their interests vary and evolve – that’s why Preen covers other interests such as celebrities, politics, food, space, travel, and so much more. We provide a unique and smart approach to these stories that allow advertisers to communicate their brand through more appealing and fresher ideas, such as viral native ads, collaborative video executions, and other digital media outlets.

Preen capitalizes on its personality, tone of voice, and credibility. As a brand, we address topics that steer conversation not just online, but also offline by asking the right questions and finding angles that pique the interests of our readers. We also bring light to themes such as body positivity, motherhood, gender equality, career, and even sensitive issues such as domestic violence and sexual harassment to make every women feel like these are topics that can and should be talked about.

Preen addresses the women who discern and curate her choices very well – a lucrative market that has both spending power and a significant influence across the social sphere.

With our increasing number of monthly views and readers, Preen proves that it can create stories that speak, not only to a greater public, but are also relatable to an influential crowd, therefore, allowing us to produce effective campaigns that reach and appeal to our target audience.

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